1969 Mustang Coupe Restoration Project

And 1967 Cougar too!

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A co-worker pointed out a mustang to me that he found online at Country Classic Cars. I've been in love with the Mustang since before I can remember, literally. I checked out the car, a 1969 coupe in red and thought it looked pretty good. Straight, with minimal rust (HA!), and it was selling for $1650. I could afford that, and surely it wouldn't take too much to make it driveable. I did plan on restoring the car, but I wanted a mustang so badly at that moment that I decided to buy it and see if I could manage to fit in some repairs.

I rented a U-Haul and borrowed my dad's pickup and my my father-in-law and I drove about 8 hours to pick it up. When we got there we found the car was in about the condition that I had expected from the pictures and description except the right front fender had a "though-hole", the quarters were shot and the driver's side floor pan was mostly not there. We discovered that there would be some work on the frame rails.  We loaded her up and took her to her new home; My dad's garage (formerly an International semi repair shop). It was a total of 18 hours on the road with minimal stops. I was very tired, but very happy.

Further inspection revealed a few more facts:

There was minor damage to the front-end, wich will cause me to replace the front valance.
The Interior needs major replacing; Seat covers, DashPad, soundproofing,and maybe headliner.
Trunk area is in very good shape.
Hood is practically perfect.
Doors are nearly perfect.
Decklid is in great shape with very minor rust.
All glass is good.
Came with 250 6cyl which ran, but smoked a fair amount
3-Speed Manual Tranny.
Fuel lines were cut and engine was running on gas being drawn from a Prestone bottle mounted next to engine.
The trunk contained a few goodies;  Low-beam aiming tools (two plastic rings), Some old ladies hats, a few Sears-type catalogs and one Headlight bezel ring.
The lettering for the decklid was found in the Glovebox along with the original owners manual, an Illinois safe driving pamphlet and a few other odds and ends.


Some basic upgrades and mods I have planned are:

3-Point Seat Belts
Dark Charcoal Paint
Hand Brake
Racing Style Mirrors

I also intend to upgrade to Disc Brakes, and a 5-Speed Tranny, but not until the car is pretty much done, and I can afford to purchase that stuff. They should be an easy installation at that time too.


1-12-04 - Tear-down continues. . .

Yesterday the family went to dad's to work on the car.   The kids watched Spongebob on DVD while the wife and I started taking stuff out of and off the car in preparation of removing the engine and the tranny.

We removed the hood, hood latch and hinges. The radiator came out and the radiator hoses were disconnected. We took out the gas tank (Remember the Prestone bottle in the engine compartment??).

The engine was not taken out, as the hoist that I borrowed would not reach the trolley. I'll need to find a longer length of chain to secure the hoist to the trolley that's about 25ft. up.

Plans are changing since I found out that the paint for the car is probably going to be about $1000 just for the color and clear. My plan is to sink most money into tools and body at this point, while dinking around with the motor during the winter. I'll have to start locating body parts and continue removing parts in preparation for the body work. PLan on building a rotisserie to do the body work on.

BTW - Shouts out to Jeremy serving our country in England in the Air Force! Thanks for the CD and the Autographed picture of Boba Fett for Christmas! That was awesome!

02-04-05 - Update.....

It's been quite a while since my last update. I have been working on the car, but not as much as I'd like. Money has a certain amount to do with that, but the biggest thing is the uncertainty of her repair location. My dad is selling his building and therefore I needed to be ready to move the car in short order. I left the wheels on in anticipation of pulling it onto a trailer. Also, we did do a lot of camping last summer, which cut into the restore time.

Now, my Father-in-law has purchased a new house on a few acres with a large BARN. He is also very interested in helping restore the car and so we tore out the milking area in the bottom of the barn and cleared out enough space for 2 car restores. The ceiling height is a bit low, but I think I can still get a rotisserie to work ok.

We've got the car moved down there and have even done a little more parts removal recently, but circumstances have kept me from doing as much as I'd like. On a plus note, we got a wood stove and blower set up in his garage, so we can do some work in there and still stay warm, and everyone knows a garage with heat is better than one without heat. There were some issues with power, but I think they are mostly fixed at this point. Not sure if we can do 220V in the barn, but the garage is wired up with a few outlets.

I have two good-sized engine stands to start the rotisserie build up. I'll need to add gussets, and some length of steel to it, but after consulting some engineers here at work, I'm sure it will work out fine. I must make sure the rotisserie will be able to handle 2-3 times the weight of the car body.

My own personal web server has now been put online, so I'm going to be updating these pages much more often, and the site in general will evolve into something a bit better looking. I've already made some changes, and more pictures and progress will be on display.


02-15-07 - Update . . .

Work on the car has been slow due to the distant location, but has been progressing nonetheless. If you look to the pages at the left, you can see that I'm still working on the body, patching, welding, etc. I'm also getting close to having the engine rebuilt. I need to buy some bolts, and a few odds and ends, and once the weather gets just a little warmer, I think I'll head down and start putting it back together. I also have a 1959 Edsel now too, so that has taken a little bit of my time as I try to get that on the road. Should be ready in the spring of 2007. Won't look great, but it will have new brakes (already done) and a tuned-up engine and should get me tot he local car shows and the Ice Cream Store in the summer. It will give me something to drive while still working on the Mustang.