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The interior was not in great shape, but not real bad either. I decided to throw out the carpet, replace the seat covers and headliner, and eventually decided to redo the door panels. The seats themselves seem to be ok, except for a couple of small tears. I may patch them for now and place seat covers over them until I can get new vinyl or fabric to replace the original. The door panels are also cracked and in fairly rough shape. I do not want to leep them the way they are, and buying reproduction deluxe-style panels is expensive. My plan was to try and recover the existing panels. Unfortunately, my attempts to figure out how to do this have failed. The contours on the deluxe panels are too deep. I have no way of recovering the original contours like the factory did.

My alternate plan was to buy the standard door panel, which costs like $60 a pair and call it good. Then I realized I'd also have to buy the arm rests, since the deluxe doors have the armrest molded in and the new standard doors does not come with arm rests. The arm rests cost $35 each. Total for door panels comes to $130, which doesn't seem like too much, but is significant to me when I have so much body work to do

My final alternate plan is to strip the contoured molding out of the deluxe panels, and rebuild them with my own foam and covering. There are several upsides to this plan.
1. I get "custom" doors.
2. I spend much less.
3. I get experience in doing interior work.

All in all, I like the idea. My only setback at this moment is deciding on which colors to use and which coverings. The door panels must match the seats and dash and I haven't even decided on an exterior color yet.

Another idea is to use white overlays on the instrument panel. This would brighten up the gauges, which seem a bit hard to read on this car, and also give it a custom look. Some people don't prefer the white face gauges, but I kinda do, so that's the plan. I may also paint and or dye the interior a charcoal color to go with it. Black won't look as good with white gauges.
I'll have pics up here soon.